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Who We Are

We are a social company dedicated to the creation of sustainable and slow fashion. All our pieces are made of 100% recycled material, from waste found in the seas, and are 100% recyclable.  We worry that your entire value chain is responsible and ethical; We work with small local artisans who receive fair treatment and payment. Our brand is inspired by the depths of the ocean and the mysticism that surrounds the deepest part of the sea.

Where It all Began

It all started because of our love for the Peruvian coast.

I grew up in Peru and every summer I used to spend the summer at the beach, where I had the best days of my life with friends and family. It was on that magic little-unknown beach that my father taught us all the wealth that the Peruvian sea has. He also taught us, with a bit of sadness and helplessness, that this sea and all the oceans are being depredated and polluted. We could see the effects of contamination every summer; from the almost extinction of the mesodesma donacium to the number of plastic objects that washed up the sea.

That’s why I always wanted to do something related to the sea, give him back everything that he taught us and everything he gave and gives us. Do all as possible to raise awareness about the importance of protecting the ocean.
This is how in 2020, after thinking about the idea a thousand times, I decided on the project: a 100% sustainable beachwear and accessories brand whose main objective is to raise awareness about the importance of caring for the ocean by doing preservation projects.

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